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Aquila Ziedins

software developer / data scientist


I am very passionate about exploring the potential of digital systems that have the ability to learn and evolve, such as generated 3D models and AI-based applications. My interests extend to the fields of design, automation, and economics as well. My ultimate goal is to combine these diverse domains in order to develop innovative solutions for social issues.

  • Nationality:
  • Age:
  • Education:
    Computer science
  • Specialization:
    Artificial intelligence
  • University:
    KU Leuven








  1. Ringy Run Latest

    I launched my first software product. A hybrid casual mobile game with an extremely challenging gameplay.

  2. Smart traffic light simulation

    As part of a research project (in school), I developed a traffic lights using neurosymbolic AI.

  3. Json mapping

    Driven by the need for enhanced data manipulation capabilities, I developed a JSON to map/set converter that not only facilitated seamless data transformation but also enabled reverse mapping.

  4. DIY automation

    My interest in automation led me to start a small IoT project, where I created a web app to interact with sensors.

  5. House with VR gameplay

    After dedicating several years to designing objects, my desire to take it a step further led me to explore the integration of my creations into interactive applications.

  6. Printable 3d objects

    At the age of 13, I was captivated by the endless possibilities of 3D printing. It gave me the incentive to start modelling 2d and 3d objects.

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